Company Maloni spol. s r.o. (hereinafter referred to as “Carpul”) has developed a carpooling platform accessible on a website at the address By any type of registration on Carpul you accept following terms of use in full range.

Key terms

  • We process and store your personal data following GDPR regulation. See Privacy and Data Protection Policy .
  • By using Carpul you agree you will comply with all applicable national and international laws, statutes, and regulations. You have to be at least 18 years old.
  • All offers/requests you have to publish under your own name and on your own account. All the information you enter in the offers are considered to be true.
  • Carpul reserves the right to remove or modify any content based on internal criteria. Carpul also reserves the right at any time, without notice and without any compensation, to refuse the user access to his / her user account on Carpul.
  • Carpul does not bear any responsibility for property or health damage by using our service.
  • Carpul does not bear any responsibility for ads and price compensation between the driver and the passenger.
  • Carpul services are free of charge.

Terms validity

Terms are valid until changed. We commit to inform Carpul users about any changes in advance.